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merry christmas everyone! (´ω`)

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sui-u said: Answer this with ten random facts about yourself and send to your 10 favorite followers!


Oh *blush* That’s my first one, let’s start! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

☆ I love Stockings and kneesocks. I already own a few ♥

☆ I’ve got 6 or more pillows in my bed.

☆ The last manga I own was Brynhildr in the darkness.

☆ I hate tomatoes and olives. Just awful >.<

☆ My favorite animals are penguins and owls.

☆ I collect different kind and variations of lollipops.

☆ My favorite genres are splatter, horror and gore. (Comedy, too)

☆ I’m lazy and adorable as fuck.

☆ I adore snowy pictures, but I hate the cold.

☆ Moustaches and Monochrome pictures are great shit!

  • i also love stockings and kneesocks, but i dont wear them
  • i hate mushrooms, boiled eggs, tomatoes and olives
  • my favorite animals are tortoise and orang-utans
  • i like clumsy girls
  • i love nekomimi
  • i eat a lot but i dont gain weight
  • i like to make people happy with little presents
  • i like to lay around and laze
  • i hate the sound of styrofoam
  • i often feel lonely and cuddle with my pillow (╥﹏╥)